El Grupo Pestana es en la actualidad el mayor grupo de turismo y ocio portugués, que en 2002 celebró su 30º aniversario con el lema «30 Años, 30 Hoteles». El grupo fue fundado al 20 de noviembre de 1972.
  • Grupo Pestana

    El Grupo Pestana es en la actualidad el mayor grupo de turismo y ocio portugués, que en 2002 celebró su 30º aniversario con el lema «30 Años, 30 Hoteles». El grupo fue fundado al 20 de noviembre de 1972.

    El Grupo Pestana supo, a lo largo de las últimas décadas, desempeñar competencias que le permiten ser en este momento el mayor grupo portugués en la industria del turismo y el ocio.

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    By providing the Wi-Fi Service, the Pestana Hotel Group will receive information which may identify the user or device used and which will enable automatic connection in the future, such as the MAC address, IP address and unique identifiers of the device, such as a name or number assigned to such device. The Pestana Hotel Group may also receive the real-time location of the device while it is being used to access the Wi-Fi Service.

    The user's personal data will be processed by Pestana Management - Serviços de Gestão S.A., as data controller, in order to allow access to the Wi-Fi service, ensuring your compliance with the Terms of Service of the Pestana Hotel Group Wi-Fi service, cooperating with the legal authorities and also protecting our rights, assets and interests, as well as those of third parties.

    You are not required to agree to these Terms of Use, but your refusal to do so may prevent access to the Wi-Fi Service.

    You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, to object, restriction of processing and portability by sending an email to: dpo@pestana.com. Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy, you may also lodge a complaint with a competent Data Protection Supervisory Authority (in Portugal, the Portuguese Data Protection Commission).

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    Free Wi-Fi access is only available, for all guests, only in some locations / brands defined, at their free discretion, by the Companies.


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    You may contact the Companies through the reception of the hotel unit where you are staying.


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    In the event of a declaration of invalidity pursuant to the above paragraph, the Terms of Use shall, to the fullest extent permitted by law, be interpreted so as to be as similar in effect as possible to that which was originally intended (even with the invalid provision).


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    The Pestana Group, is the largest portuguese group in the Tourism area with 38 hotels in 3 continents, 41 Pousadas de Portugal, Time sharing, several golf courses, touristic real estate, gambling license in Madeira Island (Madeira Casino).

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